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+351 968 035 386 (Call to national mobile network)

About Us

Know our company

Since the beginning of our activity, the quality of service and service is our standard and the reason why our customers rely on us. As a result, our fleet of vehicles is regularly renewed and inspected. We are also proud of our professionalism of our drivers who with their dedication and professionalism see each new service as a new opportunity of evolution in their career.

The Company operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and the professionalism of our drivers contributes to the our vehicles are maintained in exemplary conditions, providing the maximum comfort required in the performance of our duties.

All the drivers of the company dominate English, Spanish, Italian and French, which we consider to be a fundamental tool for a better performance of the activity, since good communication and understanding with the client is fundamental for the success of the activity.

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Our Services

We offer personalized business and personal services


Custom Transport

Our company, Auto Modular Taxis Dianenses, makes any type of transfers of first quality, with the greatest secrecy and professionalism, be they of great or small distances.

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We do private tours

We make tours showing the best of our country. The climate, landscapes, gastronomy and monuments are some of the factors that make Portugal such an attractive destination.

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Wine tourism

The best vintage in the world in Alentejo

We invite you to come to know the wine aromas that characterize our Alentejo, appreciate the quietness of the Alentejo mountains and feel the peace that dominates its extensive landscapes.

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Events and Special Occasions

First class service

We perform with all the professionalism, any type of service that comes from a special event, be it ceremonial or business.

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Other services

We offer a service to your measure

We are willing to any other type of service (or partnership) that arouses the interest of our customers, provided that it meets the different quality that defines us.

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Our fleet

Comfortable, stylish and safe vehicles

Mercedes E 220 CDI (Station AMG)

x 4

x 5

x 2

Mercedes V 250 CDI (Longo Avangarde)

x 7

x 8

x 2

Mercedes EQE

x 4

x 3

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

x 4

x 4

x 2


Do not hesitate to contact us so that you can fully enjoy a service provided with all the rigor and safety, always prioritizing your well-being. You can contact us directly via the number: +351 968 035 386 (Call the national mobile network) or make your reservation online.

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Auto Táxis Modelares Dianenses Lda. Is a taxi company, founded in 1989 and based in Évora, consisting of luxury vehicles.

We carry out our activity inside and outside the country, always with the maximum security and efficiency in the service.




We carry out private tours, run by experienced and qualified drivers, ideal for families and private groups. In 24 hours you will have a solution to your measure with excellent prices without neglecting the quality that stands out to us of the other companies.

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Auto Taxis Modelares Dianense Lda.
Rua Antonio da Silveira nº2 r\c
7005 Évora, Portugal

+351 968 035 386
(Call to national mobile network)


Auto Táxis Modelares Dianenses Lda. is a “Clean and Safe” company, respecting the safety and hygiene directives of the DGS.

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